RHY Mine

RHY platform in 2017, focusing on the blockchain data center industry. It has invested and constructed 27 blockchain data centers in Eastern Europe, the United States, Canada, and Western areas of China. The Power supply exceeds 600MW, and the scale of mining rigs custody exceeds 356,000 units. RHY is currently the world's leading service provider of the blockchain data center.

Since 2018, RHY has obtained investments funds from Singapore Hash Capital, Hong Kong Consensus Fund, Singapore Brahma VC, and UK Exchange Union. RHY focuses on the upstream and downstream layout of the industry, investing and participating in large-scale dual-line substations, natural gas power plants, and hydroelectric power stations, etc. In the meantime, RHY has invested in data center engineering company, small transformer factories, factories of server's power supply, assembly factories of the mobile container data center, and assembly line of the graphics card and hard disk server along the industrial chain.